Joe Gonzales


Learning to explore more.

Let me start out by saying that this day was rough. Before the shoot my friend logan and I were exhausted and just honestly wanted to take a nap. Have you ever had one of those days where the solution is pretty much just spending a Friday laying down watching cutthroat kitchen re-runs? That was me. I was convinced though that I had to make myself get out. Who knows what shots were out there just waiting for me. I think part of photography that is hard as well is getting out of your comfort zone. Shooting people in public can and will be intimidating, so I think maybe I was hiding my fatigue in comfort. None the less I am a student of nature and photography and I thought this was the time I push through and learn to explore. Gerard was instantly at ease as we walked through the city of Atlanta looking for great moments and shots. This turned out special in the moments you see below working with widows, dim lighting, bridges and texture. Ive been wanting to experiment with these things and I loved the shots that we took. During our shoot we ran into Alan Ferguson, he also is in one of the shots. Gerard almost lost his mind when we saw him so we had to include this in the shoot. Over all this turned out to be a great day and I went home and watched cutthroat kitchen while editing. I hope to be done with my comfort zone and learn to explore more.

Video recap by Logan Russell

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