Joe Gonzales


Studio updates.

Fight through Frustation.

I had my friend Josh Cleveland follow me and document a shooting day with me. I prepped a shoot for Native North and shot a line for Reach Records which you can see the link below. A lot of things happened and I was super frustrated. The thing you have to do as a creative is figure it out and fight through frustration, because essentially if you don't create then you don't eat and I need this not only for me but for my future. I'm gonna be honest this was a rough day. Literally everything that could go wrong did and I almost lost my heart and wanted to quit. A 29 degrees shoot and alot of failures later, we finished and I pressed through! I was so proud of myself for this. Have you ever had to fight through frustration? How did you deal with it? I want to know. Comment below. 

Watch me struggle and be frustrated as well as create some content. 

Reach Records Line: Click Here